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Chipotle Salt

Chipotle Salt

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Enhance any creation in the kitchen with the smoky goodness that is our Chipotle Salt.

Crafted with the finest Australian salt and a secret blend of wood chips to cold smoke our jalapeños, its natural smokiness and touch of chipotle combine to create a seriously salty sensation.

Preservative-free  |  Gluten free  |  Vegan

How To Use:

Our Chipotle Salt is a versatile seasoning that infuses your dishes with a smoky kick and savoury depth.

Sprinkle on grilled meats, roasted vegetables or even popcorn for an irresistibly bold and aromatic twist.

Add it to marinades, dressings or rubs too, to create a distinctive - and totally addictive - flavour profile. Whether you're grilling, roasting or seasoning, this salt infuses your food with a touch of smoky perfection.


Ingredients: Chipotle, salt


Colour for illustration purposes only. Product may vary due to fresh seasonal ingredients.

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