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Citron Picante Sauce

Citron Picante Sauce

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Discover the tropical, zesty delight of our Citron Picante Sauce, a refreshingly summery and super spicy blend of citrus, passionfruit, apples and spice.

Preservative-free  |  Gluten free  |  Vegan

How To Use:

Add a tropical twist to your culinary creations by drizzling a little of the Citron Picante Sauce over grilled meats at weekend BBQs for a citrusy, spicy kick.

Use it as a dipping sauce for extra tang, or mix it into dressings alongside a splash of fish sauce to create irresistible salads that offer a burst of salty, spicy citrus flavour.

Oh so versatile, it’s also perfect as a marinade, providing a gorgeous summertime kick.

Ingredients: Water, passionfruit puree, citron, apples, Carolina Reapers, mint, rice syrup, spices


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