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Red Garlic Jalapeño Sauce

Red Garlic Jalapeño Sauce

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Say hello to our award-winning Red Garlic Jalapeño Sauce.

Testament to its lengthy preparation process, this full-bodied sauce combines the distinct heat of aged red jalapeños with rich garlic to deliver seriously incredible flavour.


Preservative-free  |  Gluten free  |  Vegan

How To Use

This sauce is perfect for adding extra flavour to any meals. Put it on grilled meats for a spicy kick, take burritos to the next level, or add it to soup for a delicious tang. It also makes a great marinade, giving your proteins a special taste. It’s sure to inspire you in the kitchen.


Ingredients: Jalapeños, vinegar, garlic, salt.

Colour for illustration purposes only. Product may vary due to fresh seasonal ingredients.

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