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Sweet Jalapeño Drizzle

Sweet Jalapeño Drizzle

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This mild, sweet and tangy drizzle is inspired by our popular Sweet Jalapeño Mustard.

Now it's time to experience the incredible fusion of flavours in our award-winning Sweet Jalapeño Drizzle, too!

Handcrafted with artisanal care, this delicious locally-made gem features a mustard base that truly sets it apart.

Our secret recipe is a blend of natural ingredients, and made without preservatives.

Plus, it's vegan, so perfect for everyone to enjoy.

So why not give it a try? Its tangy sweetness and subtle heat will enhance any dish, and offer a flavour that's truly unique.


Preservative-free  |  Vegan  |  Contains Gluten


How To Use: 

Splash our Sweet Jalapeño Drizzle over just about anything.

Perfect for adding a sweet and spicy undertone to grilled meats, or transforming your salads into zesty flavour creations.

Elevate your appetisers by using it as a dip enhancer, or add a few drops to hotdogs for an incredible zing.

However you use it, it unleashes a world of flavour in any dish, and will leave you wanting more.


Ingredients: Whites Valley Sweet Jalapeño mustard (jalapeños, wheat flour, sugar, vinegar, salt, mustard, spices), vinegar, water, ground jalapeño, guar gum. Product contains gluten.

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